Secondary School
Teacher Training 

Routes to secondary school teacher training

Secondary school teacher training

Seconday School Teacher Training Programme

On our secondary school teacher training programme (11-19 years) you can choose to train to teach secondary school pupils in a range of different subjects. Currently we have vacancies for a 2024 start in the following subjects.

Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, D&T, Drama, English, Geography, History, Maths, MFL, Music, PE, Physics, RE and Social Sciences.

Train to teach Secondary School pupils

The training programme takes place over an academic year, starting with induction in August and ending with our qualification celebration in the summer. The core program takes place each Monday and then you spend the remaining four days in your host training school, working in your department and with classes.
You gradually assume responsibility for your teaching over the course of the year but the pace of this is tailored for trainees from all backgrounds.

Routes To Secondary School Teacher Training

With various routes to teaching secondary school pupils available, deciding on the best option to suit your skills before you start the application process is important.
The Deepings SCITT offers a number of different courses for trainee teachers, all of which lead to Qualified Teacher Status.
The routes (below) include an additional option of a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) awarded by the University of Lincoln.
The training calendar and key tasks are the same for fee-paying or salaried trainees, and the optional PGCE qualification takes the fee total to £9250. Trainees opting for this route are required to do extra academic assignments. The University of Lincoln staff guides these assignments through extra academic writing sessions. We recommend the added academic structure this element brings, and it is also worth 60 Masters credits.

The School Direct Training Programme (Salaried)

The School Direct programme for salaried teacher training caters to highly qualified graduates. Successful candidates typically have at least three years of relevant work experience. However, this experience need not be exclusively in school settings.
Throughout the training, the school where you are enrolled pays you a salary. However, since this is a practical pathway to teaching, you will manage your own independent timetable from the start of the year.

Securing a place in this programme can be challenging. Mainly because, given the costs, Head Teachers generally reserve salaried routes for candidates they are already familiar with.

Successful completion of this program results in the award of Qualified Teacher Status (with the option for a PGCE – details below). The School Direct salaried route is a comprehensive, full-time, one-year course, with employment likely upon completion. Potential candidates are typically individuals transitioning to a teaching career, bringing valuable skills and experience to the profession.

Provider-led (SCITT)
Training Places (Fee Paying)

Fee to train: £9250

The SCITT provider-led route is a fee-paying route but can be funded by tuition fees which may be obtained from the Student Loans Company (SLC) or directly from the Trainee or sponsor.

This programme will lead to the award of QTS (PGCE option available) and runs as a full time 1-year course. There is no commitment to employment on this route although many trainees on this route have been snapped up by schools in our association.

The Assessment Only Route (AOR)

Assessment Cost: £2,500
Award for QTS in the age range 11-19 (secondary)

This is not a training programme but a route to assessment for applicants currently working as teachers in schools but who do not have QTS. Candidates must be currently working in a school, and have a minimum of two years’ full time teaching experience across at least two schools. Applicants must have the support of the headteacher to evidence their suitability to teach as well as their ability to evidence all the standards for QTS without the need for any further training. All other national teaching criteria (GCSEs, degree, ability to prove fundamental English and Maths proficiency etc) must be fulfilled.


You will have access to student loans to cover your training for all except the AOR.

For more information on the training route / requirements / funding, please see the A Guide to School Direct and its associated
documents available on the Teaching Agency website.

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