The Primary programme is managed by Bourne Westfield Primary Academy and we will have lots of vacancies for a 2019 start.


The programme takes place over an academic year, starting with induction in August and ending with our qualification celebration in the summer. Every Friday, your core training takes place in and around the SCITT’s associate schools and then you spend the remaining four days in your host training school, working with your team and your classes. You gradually assume responsibility for your teaching over the course of the year but the pace of this is tailored for trainees from all backgrounds. Our primary school partners can be found on the ‘Partners’ menu and these (and more) are the schools which may be available to host your training.


We offer a number of different courses, all of which lead to Qualified Teacher Status.

All routes (below) come with an additional option of a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) awarded by the University of Hull. The training calendar and key tasks are the same for fee-paying or salaried trainees and the optional PGCE qualification takes the fee total to £9250.  Trainees opting for this route are required to do extra academic assignments. The guidance for these is given in extra academic writing sessions, provided by University of Hull staff.  We recommend the added academic structure this element brings and it is also worth 60 Masters Credits.


The Assessment Only Route (AOR) - Fee to train: £2500

This route is available for candidates currently working as teachers in schools but who do not have QTS. Candidates must be currently working in a school, have two years’ teaching experience and have the support of the headteacher to evidence their suitability to teach and their ability to evidence all the standards for QTS without the need for any further training. All other criteria (GCSEs, degree etc) must be fulfilled. There is no PGCE option with this route.


You will have access to student loans to cover your training.

For more information on the training route / requirements / funding, please see the A Guide to School Direct and its associated documents available on the Teaching Agency website